Our club was established in September, 2008. We are actively seeking new members. We are located in Macomb Michigan and welcome anyone in the Macomb or surrounding counties to join us for riding fun! We welcome all types, sizes and brands of motorcycles (street legal), and all levels of riding experience. We will, at times, even set up rides specifically for new riders.



Becoming a Member

Membership in Freedom Cruisers Riding Club is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older, any race, creed, or sex, and has a valid motorcycle license, or a motorcycle permit (limited participation), as well as proof of liability insurance. Members must own and ride a motorcycle. A spouse, or any other person, can also become a member if they ride as a passenger. All members must have a current application on file with the FCRC National Office. Members with a motorcycle permit may not ride on a highway, after dark or with a passenger. Therefore, they will not be allowed to participate on any rides that will include these restrictions.

To apply for membership visit our national website at www.Freedom-Cruisers.org and fll out a Membership Application.

God Bless all of our Service Men and Women who give so freely to this great country.