Who We Are

Established in September, 2008. we are located in Macomb Michigan and welcome anyone in the Macomb or surrounding counties to join us for riding fun! All types, sizes and brands of motorcycles (street legal), and all levels of riding experience are welcome. We will, at times, even set up rides specifically for new riders.


The Freedom Cruisers take safety very seriously. Each ride is lead by an experienced road captain and tailgunner.


New to riding and looking for some pointers? We've got you covered as our friendly, knowledgeable riders are always willing to help out!


With our group rides members can feel confident that they are in good hands if any unforeseen mechanical issues arise during the rides.

Riding with FCRC

The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older, any race, creed, or sex, and has a valid motorcycle license, or a motorcycle permit (limited participation), as well as proof of liability insurance.

Becoming a Member

Members must own and ride a motorcycle. A spouse, or any other person, can also become a member if they ride as a passenger. All members must have a current application on file with the FCRC National Office. Members with a motorcycle permit may not ride on a highway, after dark or with a passenger. Therefore, they will not be allowed to participate on any rides that will include these restrictions. To apply for membership visit our national website at www.Freedom-Cruisers.org and fill out a Membership Application.

Dedicated to having a fun and safe journey on the open roads! The FCRC Team is made up of volunteers who enjoy riding and the comradery that comes along with it!
Diane Connelly

Diane Connelly

Allen Hardy

Allen Hardy

Vice President

Allen Hardy “Shooter”

Diane Connelly

Diane Connelly


Diane Connelly“Scrappy”

Rick Garcia

Rick Garcia

Site Developer

Rick Garcia "Linuxrick"

What riders say

Comments from some of our members about their expereience with the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club
Beth L.

Beth L.

"Awesome Club! Joined May 2017 and loved every one of almost 6000 miles so far. Loads of fun, priceless memories and forever FRIENDS – more like FAMILY! FCRC#20 is the best place to belong if you want to RIDE, Laugh, Learn, Grow and not looking for Drama, Dues or Bar-hopping!!!"



"FCRC20 Riding Club is an awesome way of meeting great new people. I was hesitant at first to join a riding club due most in part I did not want to commit to a regular type of club that had strict requirements, dues and the usual drama of a club. I am now in my second year and I can’t wait to ride with these people again (over 5,000 miles last year)."

Starlifter & Bookie

Starlifter & Bookie

"We have been members of Chapter 20 for 4 years. Trips are led by knowledgeable and experienced road captains and tail gunners who do a great job of keeping all riders safe. Chapter 20 is all about safe and fun riding – no games, no politics, no risky behavior on the road."


"This club is a very welcoming and friendly group of riders that know how to enjoy putting on miles. Lots of great ride options, from short local trips to longer overnight excursions, offer something for everyone. The enthusiasm and support from the group is contagious and I am so glad to have become part it!"


"I've been with the freedom cruisers since 2009 and they are a wonderful group of people. I couldn't see myself riding with any other club."

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